Why our eco-printed and eco-dyed items are special?

Here is why:

Techniques that we apply:

There are plenty of techniques used while dyeing fabric. We hear botanical printing, but in a matter of fact, most of the time not so natural or eco-friendly ads are used as heavy metals for example which is used to lock the print of a tree leafs or a flower. And that is not all, there are so many other examples with additional materials that have been used with an aim to receive the perfect botanical print.

But there are also few methods, that allow a natural dye and Eco print without involving any toxic add while processing. An old method, of course, time-consuming but with an amazingly beautiful final result.

The method that we use for  “printing” flowers and leaves on a piece of fabric is called plant pounding. It is a technique to get the impression of the delicate structure of leaves, stems of flowers of various patterns. In this process, fabric is placed on the hard smooth board. The petals, leaves, and stems are arranged in a predetermined way and secured with tape. The fabric is flipped and hammered until the dye and patterns are imprinted on the fabric surface. The instant print pattern is produced by pounding which is very exciting for the designers. Sometimes, different pounding and bundling combinations produce a wide range of interesting results.

Materials that we use:

From the beginning until the end of the process, all the materials that have been used are plant-based. Fabrics as pure cotton, linen, and silk satin are the most workable materials used for this hand production of the final result.

For the pigment of colors, used for dyeing are used fruits, vegetables, and botanical pieces from the nature as tree leaves and flower with coloring and printing abilities.

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